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Through the compliance of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Ohio State Law Regulations, we offer teen defensive driving courses, as well adult and teen 2pt. credit reductions. Together with in-car and classroom instruction, our courses ensure that drivers know the importance of driver safety and proper defensive driving. 
In 2012 we became a Disability Driver Training School.
In 2014 we started offering the behind the wheel training for the online driver education offered in the state of Ohio​.

In 2017 we started offering the Abbreviated Adult Training.

about us

A&J Driving Academy is dedicated to educating each teen driver to become a good defensive driver. It is our belief that educating all of our drivers to drive safely and responsibly will ultimately make the driving community safer.

​​We take the time to develop a personal relationship with each student. Our 1 on 1 in-car instruction allows us to focus on the specific needs of each individual. By doing this we are able to help improve their weaknesses and capitalize on  their strengths.                                                       

In November of 2008, our family owned business opened with the goal to teach teens how to drive safely and responsibly.
As a team of certified instructors we take great pride in all that we do for your teens, the community and the
roads that you travel on.​ 


109 32 Parkway, Williamsburg, OH 45176